Howard Richard Lieberman

Innovation Collaboration Specialist

Howard is an innovation collaboration specialist who has had the good fortune to have spent his life working with a wide range of brilliant, creative, innovative individuals, in a wide range of circumstance within industry, education and government.

Working within high tech, high-performance innovation cultures like Apple, Bose and DARPA (the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) for a couple of decades, prepared Mr. Lieberman to continue to interleave his role as serial entrepreneur, educator and consultant, all situations requiring the ability to simultaneously innovate and collaborate.

On this path, Howard Lieberman was part of pioneering efforts in audio, computers and education, developing the first self contained digital piano, becoming the first computer acoustician in order to make computers emotionally relevant, and designing one of the first innovation management programs at Cogswell Polytechnical College in 2002 leading to the formation of the school's MBA program and the formation of SVII (the Silicon Valley Innovation Institute) in 2005.

Founding his first business at the age of thirteen, to fund his interests in photography and music, Howard eventually completed university programs in both physics and electrical engineering, completing graduate work combining electro-acoustics, artificial intelligence, and digital signal processing. He continued this work in industry, in the Boston Area and Silicon Valley, contributing to the creation of more than one, billion-dollar market, and  providing impetus for him to found and exit a couple of companies, Integrated Acoustics in 1990 and Dorado Corporation, an early Fin-Tech company in 2000.

Howard currently divides his professional time between speaking and consulting, innovation-collaboration assignments, and being a performing-composer, which combined have taken him, so far, only part way around the world.